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Unique art, by creative machines

Each artwork is sold just once.

How it Works


We taught an artificial intelligence about human art by showing it millions of art samples from the past 1500 years, from which it will draw inspiration (much like humans do!).


The AI learns to distinguish the artistic elements in the art that evoke human emotions, and use this information to develop a unique artistic style like no other.


We then ask the AI to create new art using what it learned, which we upload  to the gallery. Each piece is only sold once, providing 1-of-1 unique artwork like never before.

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What if algorithms were people just like us?

We have created a smart AI made up of two halves. One half is The Artist, whom we call Isaac. The other half is The Critic, called Alexander. Together they work in a cycle of creation and judgement, and the pieces that escape this cycle are the ones that make it to ART AI Gallery.
This is the story of how we do it.

Your guide to finding your ART AI

Too many options is always an intimidating thing. Even when they’re all good ones! Our gallery boasts thousands of original AI artworks in various styles, colors, shapes, and sizes - and they are all one of a kind. So trust us...

The AI that changes how we define creativity

What happens when you give an AI system cart-blanche? ART AI shifts our perspective Dr. Ariane Hanemaayer If you ask the experts, artificial intelligence systems can make art, but the jury is still out on whether intelligent machines have the ability...

The mind-blowing combination of art & technology

Can a computer and artificial intelligence make art?

See how Art AI Collectors feel about their art


"When I look at this picture, I see mysterious, mythical figures playing in a silver pool in a shadowy glade, calling out to a luckless traveller to join them..."

Sarah B.

"As an art lover and collector, I found these pieces to be so interesting. What a conversation piece AND I love how it’s a one of a kind print as opposed to mass produced. Nice touch!"

Marissa M.

"The quality of the piece is excellent and hangs well without framing. The work itself is very interesting and complements my collection of art nicely. As an artist and a professor of art, I find the concept intriguing. Very happy with my purchase."

Jennifer H.

"I have 4 different AI paintings (so far!), all of which are eerily beautiful, intriguing and inspiring in their own unique way. They're like visions filtered through the dreaming brain - an utterly alien way of looking at the world. This is what it's like to see as no human ever could."

Kate P.

"I feel like this painting was made just for me, and the fact you only sell one of each is amazing!!
Such HIGH quality, and I am so pleased I went with the frame, it gives it such a fancy look!
Will come back for more :)"

Adi A.