ART AI In the Media (articles, podcasts, videos)

The innovative and controversial nature of ART AI attracts the attention of many from around the globe. Researchers, bloggers, writers, editors, podcasters and renowned broadcasting companies have been reaching out to us, eager to introduce this avant-garde art to the world. Here are some of the most interesting features:


ART AI Co-founder Ben Kovalis shares a key factor for a successful entrepreneurship in this article by Forbes: Expert Tips For Becoming A More Innovative Entrepreneur.



Would you specify art by an algorithm? 
The popular magazine for interior designers BOH talks about their enthusiasm for combining AI art with interior design. They explain the benefits of exhibiting AI art in your home and how ART AI enables people to do so with their innovative technology. 



In this piece - Artificial intelligence mimicking centuries of human art creates masterpieces, the CBS-affiliated television station KUTV explains how ART AI came to be the largest AI art gallery in the world. 

ART AI was invited to speak at the global AI Festival alongside big names including Google & AstraZeneca. In this recorded interview, Ben Kovalis, co-founder & CMO of ART AI talks about AI art vs. human art, and future plans for ART AI.


In this piece, Adweek talks to ART AI co-founders Ben Kovalis and Eyal Fisher about the inevitable impact AI has on the art world, both as a medium and a tool, used to enlarge the artist’s world.

Can a robot create art?
This video by DW touches on philosophical questions - what makes art art? How much should it cost? What is it in an artwork that moves us? DW refers to ART AI as the go-to place for accssible, original AI artwork.

Art & Language is a comic web series featuring Neil Language, who had quit his job as a painter and decorator, and is now on a mission to become an artist. In this episode Neil calls ART AI co-founder Ben Kovalis over Zoom, to discuss a potential collaboration for his upcoming exhibition.


Does an artist need to have a body and soul to be real? 
In this episode of the daily talk show 20 Minute leaders essence, Michael Matias talks to Ben Kovalis, co-founder and CMO of ART AI, about the essence of creativity, artist's bias and the focus on the observer's interpretation. 


What started as a clever idea has grown past anyone’s wildest expectations, captivating artists and art lovers around the world. In this episode of The Tech Talks Daily, Neil C. Hughes talks to ART AI co-founder Ben Kovalis about how AI-generated art will affect our world and what it takes to train a computer to generate something that usually takes human artists months.


How is AI redefining our society? Find out in the captivating podcast by ITSP magazine, where Marco Cappelli talks to ART AI co-founder Ben Kovalis, who also gives a sneak peek at a new application that offers bespoke AI art on the spot.



ART AI curator, Adi Avidani, was featured in The Calcalist's article "Tech’s most unique positions". As an artist, sculptor, and avid technology enthusiast, Adi is the function that oversees the quality of the paintings created by the AI, and curates them. She is the human factor that connects the computerized art and people behind the algorithms. 


"Math and beauty may not always go hand and hand, but Art AI has made this happen by training AI to develop art as if a human created it." In this episode of Building Blocks, ART AI co -founder Ben Kovalis Ben speaks to Brendan Herjavec about how this idea came to be and how you train an algorithm to create art at a high level. 


Ben’s extensive background as a former VP in the high-tech sector and expertise in managing large international operations is what makes him ART AI’s CMO. Hear what he has to say about customer education in this episode of Often imitated.


Artificial Intelligence May Have Cracked the Code to Creating Low-Priced Works on Canvas”. The very first feature for ART AI’s newborn brother - Artifly. Artnet writes about the new app that offers affordable custom-made AI art on the fly.


Hyperbeast talk about ART AI’s new service - Artifly: “The name derives from ‘Art on the Fly’ and allows users to choose a selection of artwork that fit their style, then an advanced algorithm will muster up a personal artwork within minutes that is available for purchase”.

ART AI’s Artifly is first on Lifewire’s list of art creating AI services. "Creativity is an innately human characteristic with the power to help us cope, connect, and be inspired," Scott Prevost, software firm Adobe's vice president of engineering, who focuses on AI technology, told Lifewire in an email interview. "However, I believe that AI done right can augment and enhance (not replace) human creativity”.