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Alone, our AI is wildly innovative - with you, it’s powerfully creative

Without human art, there is no AI art. That’s why we are searching for visionary artists who want to push the boundaries of what art can be. We have built a powerful algorithm that can produce artwork from scratch, and the results have been pretty astonishing. Now we want to share it. Empowered by our tech, you will be able take your work to places you thought previously impossible.

Think of the AI as a frame

Your work sits in it but the frame allows it to be experienced differently. This could be by emphasising certain colour palettes, complimenting particular vectors or by turning your piece on its head entirely. The beauty is that we don’t know. The AI compliments every artist differently. 

We believe that an artist can never be replaced by an AI. The same way that the invention of the lightbulb did not replace the need for sunlight, we see a future where the artist can use AI as a tool to empower, improve and re-imagine. Just like how creativity comes alive under lamplight in between sunrise and sunset, we believe that the joint power of artists and AI can push the boundaries of our imagination. 

How does it work?

Let’s chat, we want to find out what goes into your work and to see if you’re a good fit.

We’ll ask you to send us your favourite pieces. We’ll use these to train a new neural network that will be inspired by your art, and named after it too.

Choose from one of our 15 algo-artists to work with, deciding which one best compliments your own style and vision.

Now for the fun part. You can either create a brand new piece, or we can use the pieces you have already sent us. Using this, your chosen algo-artist goes to work creating a piece that will be uniquely recognisable as yours but powerfully expressive and new at the same time.

Let's connect

The concept of an AI Artist is a fairly new one. Whether you’re curious, inspired or simply confused, reach out to us with your email address. We’re curious too, curious to see what can be created when new talent is paired with AI.

AI Artists

Explore the wildly innovative work that our AI artists are producing. Just as every artist portrays the world in their own unique way, so do our AI artists. Take a moment to explore the different personalities and styles and try to imagine how your own work could compliment or clash with theirs.

AI Artists