About Art AI

Art AI is the world’s largest gallery of AI generated art

Our gallery displays numerous original designs, authentically created by artificial intelligence. We embarked on this fascinating expedition to explore the ways in which artificial intelligence can affect people emotionally. 

Since the beginning of time, art has served as a tool for emotional expression, used to evoke feelings, inspire ideas and offer new creative perspectives on the world around us. Following the rise in technological development, new age mediums started to form as extensions of the human mind, opening the gateway to new waves of arts that were never possible before.

As passionate believers in both art and technology, we were greatly intrigued by the idea of developing an artificial intelligence that would be able to affect people emotionally, while inspiring creativity and innovative thinking.

What does AI art look like?

Our AI consists of a group of algorithms working together. The algorithms are inspired by a vast collection of art from throughout history. While drawing inspiration from the art they are exposed to, they create each piece from scratch, using their creative “mind” and their own distinct style. The result is otherworldly images of novel styles and contents. We wanted to preserve the feeling of traditional art, so we decided to offer our artworks as premium, one-of-a-kind art pieces, presented on museum-quality framed canvas.

We feel that the emotional connection formed with a piece of art that speaks to you is so precious, that it should be exclusive to you only. This is a value that isn’t offered when purchasing mass produced art that can be seen anywhere else.

Each artwork is printed on high quality canvas that is hand-stretched on a timber frame, using anti-fade Archival Ink. The pieces are framed in a superior hardwood floating frame, and come with corner bumpers for level hanging to protect your walls.

To compliment the unique connection between the art and its collector, we pair each piece with an official certificate of authenticity stating the name of the owner, as well as an HD digital file of the artwork.

How Art AI came about

Art AI started as a project at Cambridge University, by a group of tech savvy art lovers who decided to create an artificial intelligence that would generate original art. The three were inspired by a renowned public auction that took place in New York in October 2018, where the first ever AI generated portrait “Edmond de Belamy” by Obvious was sold for no less than $432,500.

Art AI then started developing innovative technologies, enabling the creation of original AI art in higher resolution, higher aesthetics, at a higher capacity - and at a much lower price. 

In a matter of months after forming this idea, thousands of premium, yet affordable original Art AI pieces already made their way to the homes of collectors worldwide and they continue to do so daily.

These compelling works possess the beauty and intricacy of high end gallery exhibits, but are sold at a fraction of the cost. We aim to democratize art by allowing more people to become owners of original, one of a kind artworks. We are able to do so by leveraging our technology to make beautiful, exclusive AI artworks at prices accessible to every pocket.

The Team

Art AI is a team of innovators, sharing a passion for art and technology.

The co-founders of Art AI are three childhood friends Eyal Fisher, Ben Kovalis and Guy Haimovitz. As the company grew, the three were on the lookout to recruit passionate professionals who shared their enthusiasm and wished to offer their creativity and expertise.

Eyal Fisher: Co-Founder

Creator of the algorithm. With years of experience in the field of machine learning, co-founder Eyal Fisher recalls his “ah-ha” moment. He was busy working on image processing and analysis for his PhD in Mathematical Genomics at Cambridge University when he was hit by a thought - “If I can work on image processing in university, why shouldn’t I do the same with art?”

In his spare time, Eyal enjoys poetry and boasts an impressive collection of poems he might share, if you kindly ask to hear them.

Ben Kovalis: Co-Founder

Ben’s extensive background as a former VP in the high-tech sector and expertise in managing large international operations is what makes him ART AI’s CMO.
Ben left his previous job as an executive to be able to focus his passion on ART AI.

Regardless of the time of day, Ben can be caught blasting zestful tunes, especially rock and heavy metal. At a young age, Ben discovered he had a gift for pencil sketching.

Guy Haimovitz: Co-Founder

An expert software architect, specialising in data acquisition and professional tools development. He is in charge of the software that runs ART AI.
Previously working in the Cyber Security industry, Guy turned to his true passion - ART AI.

When not working to make your experience at ART AI smoother, Guy finds pleasure in cooking and does so very well, as his friends might add.

Romy Ben-Hur
Copywriter, Social Media Manager & Customer Support

Having studied copywriting and creative writing in a leading marketing school, Romy takes great pleasure in expressing the essence of ART AI through words on its various platforms. She’s also the one to gladly assist you with any question you might have (feel free to reach out in the chat!).

Outside of ART AI, Romy channels her creative thinking into acting and music making.

Adi Avidani
Art Curator

Adi is an artist herself, working with ceramics. She also boasts an impressive record as an art teacher. It’s only natural that Adi would be in charge of curating ART AI’s gallery.

When she’s not carefully analyzing and selecting our AI’s works, Adi creates her own incredible art, mainly consisting of clay. Her works have been featured in multiple galleries across London

Naomi Finkelstein
Administrative Manager

A team can be amazing at what it does, but without an organiser it’s easy to fall apart. Naomi’s inspiring attitude keeps ART AI together as a whole. Naomi manages all kinds of operations, from organizing the team’s needs to bringing the artworks to life as prints.

Other than being a great coordinator, Naomi also has great coordination and has been a dancer ever since she was only 4.

Matan Sela

With a PhD in Image reconstruction, Matan pushes ART AI’s creative boundaries to the limit every day anew. As a wizard of code and creative thinking, Matan constantly surprises his teammates with new inventive ways to improve ART AI’s algorithms, regularly advancing our art.

When his hands are off of the keys, Matan likes to shred on his guitar.

Yariv Webiya
Front End Engineer

After almost ten years as a marine-biologist, biochemist, surf-instrucor and science teacher, Yariv decided to study front-end development because it combines problem solving and aesthetics, both of which he really enjoys. Since then, this is what he's been doing full-time and he loves it. Yariv is in charge of building ART AI's gallery.

Outside of work Yariv enjoys drawing, which is also why he finds art by an algorithm to be so fascinating. 

Roman Gavrilovici
Product Designer

With over 6 years of experience as a brilliant web and product designer, it's almost hard to believe that Roman is self taught. Full of motivation and passion, Roman set out to learn UI, UX and web design. Today, he is in charge of what ART AI's gallery and product look like.

Outside of work, Roman can be found in the place that soothes him most - the gym. He also enjoys a wide variety of music and would like to learn to play the guitar.