About ART AI

ART AI is the world’s largest gallery of AI generated art. We aim to democratize art by allowing more people to become owners of original, one of a kind artworks, as well as bring awareness to machine creativity and raise questions about the definition of art. We do so by leveraging our technology to make beautiful, exclusive AI artworks for every pocket. 

In October 2018, the first ever AI generated portrait “Edmond de Belamy” by Obvious was sold at a public auction for $432,500. Since then, technology has advanced and now enables us to produce original AI generated art of higher resolution, higher aesthetics, at a higher capacity - and at a much lower price. And that’s exactly what ART AI set out to do.

This project started at Cambridge University by a group of tech savvy art lovers who developed an artificial intelligence that creates other worldly, original art. These compelling works possess the beauty and intricacy of high end gallery exhibits, but are sold at a fraction of the cost. We want people to focus on the art itself, explore the visuals and how they make them feel, rather than their price tag.

Art is a constantly developing field. The way mankind perceived art a century ago is different from how we perceive art today. For centuries, the art market has been dominated by the tastes and preferences of those in power, leaving so much of the human experience out of the picture, often affecting culture and history in subtle but profound ways. And now, AI brings a new genre of unbiased art to the world, art that is completely up to the eye of the beholder. The feedback and preferences shared by our community also have a direct effect on what we do, which is a brand new platform for art making.

This is a new era. Artificial intelligence is expanding the world of art by inviting people that are eager to adopt progress into every aspect of their life - even new audiences that did not take interest in art before. In a matter of months, thousands of ART AI pieces made their way to the homes of customers worldwide that are passionate about showcasing this new combination or aft and technology and the numbers keep growing. On our social pages, people are constantly debating the definition of art and the philosophical questions tied to it.

Our creation process has the potential of upending the art world by delivering one of a kind artworks that preserve the traditional elements of art, while overcoming many of the art market’s pitfalls. By proving that machines can create art as appealing and inspiring to us as humans themselves can, ART AI also presents bold new takes on questions that have intrigued mankind for centuries, addressing the meaning of art, our perception of it and how it affects us.

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