Original AI Art

Changing The Picture: Original Art - Within Reach?

Authenticity has always been one of the foundation stones in the world of art. Originality and exclusivity play a main role not only in the lives of artists, art collectors and galleries - but also between friends and loved ones. Whether you are searching for the right piece to decorate your space, or want to surprise someone dear to you with something special - the more personal the better.

It isn’t too surprising that originality comes with quite the hefty price tag. The most devoted of artists can spend countless hours, days, sometimes even years on a single painting with effort and a work ethic of no comparable value. The process of art making and the factors inside it is are main reason art, and specifically original art, has become unavailable to consumers with lower budgets. 

What if instead, art didn’t take long to make?

What if artists could produce paintings in the blink of an eye?

Our brains are trained to think that whenever there is more of something, its value is lessened. With art reproductions (prints of already existing art, usually famous) being sold at a bargain, it makes sense to think so. But what if every one of the paintings was completely original, unique and unlike anything else you’ve seen? We wondered the same when we first set out to create our own artificially intelligent artist.

A few months in, we already had an AI that could generate original, captivating paintings in no time. Instead of dedicating hours of work on each painting, we devoted months of hard work to creating and tuning a state of the art neural network. The ever learning and developing system we made is what allows us to sell our own original art exclusively - for affordable prices. Unlike artwork reproductions or photos, each piece is one of a kind, sold and printed only once.

With hundreds of paintings already sold, the market for original AI generated art is expanding by the day. And with the future closer than ever, new technologies and innovations are constantly opening doors everywhere, inviting us to dive into new worlds of creation.