This project started at Cambridge University by a group of AI and art enthusiasts. 

In recent years, using artificial intelligence to generate art has become more common. Artists such as Robbie Barrett and Obvious and engineering groups such as Deep Mind led the way in using Generative Adversarial Networks to make art.

These first AI paintings raised many important philosophical, theoretical and psychological questions:

- What is creativity, and can machines be creative?

- Can one make art without intentionality?

- Why is it that we feel an emotional attachment to the creation of an emotionless  machine?

Moreover, for the first time, machines invented things that are unique and pretty.

Since then, AI technology and the required computational infrastructures have greatly advanced. We can now make more engaging paintings, with more details and in higher resolution at a lower cost. Contemporary AI generated art is truly original and beautiful.

Modern Portrait of A Human - Art AI

Selling for $44

Edmond Bellamy - Obvious

Sold for $432,500


And yet, AI art remained in the realms of art collectors and auctions. It is still rare and expensive. AI generated paintings still sell for tens of thousands of dollars in private art events.

We started this project with the goal of democratizing the discussion on AI generated art and machine creativity. We believe that getting more people engaged in this discussion will lead to many new intellectual insights in many different aspects, from postmodernism to analytical psychology. 

We also believe that everyone should be able to own an AI painting. This is why we sell our works at affordable prices and re-invest any profit in the research and developments of new creative machines.

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