Da Glitchi Code

"Everyone calls me Glish, short for Glish Glish, slang for Glitch Glitch. As you might have understood, I'm a glitch artist.

A glitch is a sudden malfunction or irregularity, but visually it is esthetic. It's a way of showing people that imperfections can be beautiful and actually, imperfection is perfection. My influences come from Vaporwave, Psychedelic Art and Retrowave. I love to express the nostalgia of the early stage of the internet, but mostly, I visually render my emotions through the digital realm. I only showcase my work on Instagram, why? Instagram uses perfection to create needs. I use imperfection to make people feel better and more connected. It's a way of fighting the ugly algorithm that drives people into craziness. We need more love, we need more authenticity."

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